DJ Drop Buying Guide  


We Hear this a lot " I need Help , you have to many choices" "what is the difference between A Custom DJ Drop & Pre Made DJ Drop ?" "What Style of DJ Drop Should i get ?"

Now time to clear up the confusion and set you on the right track. It's very simple 


At DJ Drops By Wigman We Offer Two  Main DJ Drop Services


1. Pre Produced DJ Drops

2. Create Your own 100 % Custom DJ Drops


 1.Pre Produced Dj Drops Custom voiced and include  DJ Intro Packs ,DJ Name Drop Packs  & DJ Drop Singles

These are pre scripted DJ Drop Packs Custom Voiced with your name available in both Single Dj Drops & DJ Drop 6 packs. These are for those DJ's who are in a rush or do not have any idea what to say in there DJ Drops. With Pre Produced DJ Drops you can hear how your DJ Drop is going to sound like before you order it by listening to the sample. You can get some good ideas what to say in your DJ Drops by going to our DJ Scripting Page Here


2 Create Your Own 100% Custom DJ Drops

Our Specialty 100 % Custom DJ Drops For DJs and Producers using your words &  ideas.  Our Fully Custom DJ Drops are perfect for DJs, MixCD's, Beat tags, Radio Sweepers, Station IDs. All 100% Custom DJ Drops are created from scratch with your ideas, words and vision and are backed by our 100% Money Back Satifaction Guarantee.  Custom Dj Drops are available in 1-4 DJ Drops & save By ordering 2 or more.  Get 5 Custom Dj Drops  for $75 & 10 Custom Dj Drops for $99. Get Started creating your Custom DJ Drops Here


We Offer 3 Styles of 100% Custom Dj Drops

Dry Custom DJ Drops

Vocal Custom DJ Drops

Produced Custom DJ Drops


1. Dry 100% Custom DJ Drops Our Most Popular DJ Drop

Dry Custom DJ Drops are a Producers best friend. Dry Custom DJ Drops have no sound or vocal fx , Pure Vocal Grafitti for all projects .Create your own DJ Drops  & add your own sound & vocal FX.    You can use these DJ Drops at live events  & In The Club .    This is our most popular service.  Add Same Day Service Before 3 PM M-F & Get Your Drops Today.  Listen To  Dry Custom Dj Drops Here   . This is the one style of DJ drop that can used anywhere in the mix, Glides Right Over the Mix, no messing with the flow. 

2. Vocal 100% Custom DJ Drops

The DJ Drop that glides over the mix. Perfect for Club DJ's , no messing with the flow.  Beat Artist Protect your beats against piracy. Producers Tag your mixes and build your brand.This also the perfect style for name drops, drop them any where in the mix.  Vocal Custom DJ Drops are created by using some of todays latest vocal Fx's including Echo, Reverb , stutter, stereo delay, flangers etc. No sound fx are included Vocal Custom Dj Drops . Listen & Get Started  with Custom Vocal Dj Drops here


3 Produced 100% Custom DJ Drops

The perfect choice for your Radio Station Id's & Podcast intros. Not designed to be used on the dance floor or live events.  When you use your drops think about how it may affect your audience ? Produced 100% Custom DJ Drops   includes both sound & vocal when. These  DJ Dops are hard to use in the mix and best used at the beginning of your or end of set.  The style of Dj drops to use in the mix would Dry or Vocal DJ Drops. Produced Custom Dj Drops are perfect for The On Air DJ  in the Mix when your transitioning into another tempo or covering up your mix mistakes by distracting the listener with a DJ Drop . Listen & get started with Produced Custom Dj Drops Here


All Of Our Custom DJ Drops are based 15 words or less , the shorter the better.  Create Your own Dj drops are completed and delivered in 3 business days. same day service can be added before 3 PM eastern Time on all orders Monday - Friday. 


Still confused ?  That's what we're here for!  drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call or text 1-520-955-5120