What To Say In Your DJ Drops


When ordering Custom Dj Drops the most common question we get is "I don't what to say, can you help me "? or "What type of Dj Drop should i get "Should i use a Produced DJ Drop or a Dry DJ Drop ?

This is simple, the first DJ Drop you want in your DJ Arsenal is a set of DJ Name Drops.  The Dj Name Drop is your business card.  We offer you several Dj Name Drop 6 Packs to get you started. If your just starting to use  DJ Drops in your mixes it is best to start with a Dj Name Drop, get comfortable using your DJ Drops. If you have never used Dj Drops please resit the temptation to order a bunch of DJ Drops to get started with.




Your DJ Drop Script/ What Your DJ Drop Is Going To Say Or Convey

You can make your DJ Drop as complicated or simple as you want. There are no rules. Our best advice is keep you drop simple and short, the shorter the better/10 words or less is nice.  A DJ Name Drop will go along way in promoting who you and will help build your brand. Also,  try not to over use your DJ Drops, this will turn off your listener.  A good general rule is no more than 1 time per 10 minutes if live in the mix.


Popular  Club Or Live Event Dj Drop Scripts

Planning a Party ? Invite {Your DJ Name Here ] To play At your Next Event

[Your Name Here ] Keeping The Dance Floor Moving 

Your Live In The mix With  [DJ Name Here]

[ Your ENt Name Here] very own  [DJ Name Here]!

[DJ Name Here] Live In The Mix

Dropping All The Latest Hits  [DJ Name Here]

Your In The Mix With The #1 DJ In Town  [DJ Name Here]

Damn  [DJ Name Here] Where you Find this ?

[DJ Name Here]! Is In The House

repping the [ your area code here } [DJ Name Here]! In the Mix

Your Rockin With  [DJ Name Here]

[ Your Towns Name } very own  [DJ Name Here]

[DJ Name Here]! Dropping another exclusive remix

[DJ Name Here]! dropping Another Throwback

Live On The 1's & 2's  [DJ Name Here]! In The Mix

[DJ Name Here]! Going Way Back With A Flash Back Hit

100% Original The One & Only [DJ Name Here]

Its Your #1 DJ [DJ Name Here]

All Original The Real deal [DJ Name Here]

Your in the mix with The #1 Panty Dropper [DJ Name Here]

This is Old School With [DJ Name Here]

Original ! its That Simple [DJ Name Here] in the Mix

Showing All The Other DJ,s How Its Done [DJ Name Here] Live In The mix

Dropping Nothing But The Hits [DJ Name Here]

Your baby Mamas Favorite DJ [DJ Name Here] In The Mix

Dropping The Old School & Taking It Way Back Waaaay Back In Time [DJ Name Here]

Flashback With [DJ Name Here]

The Party Master [DJ Name Here] Controlling The mix

Your Listening To The mix Styles of [DJ Name Here]

Its Your DJ,s Favorite DJ [DJ Name Here]

[DJ Name Here]

Smooth jams With [DJ Name Here] In The Mix

Gospel jams with [DJ Name Here] In The Mix

Dropping The Hottest Hip Hop & R &B [DJ Name Here]


Producer / Mix CD Artist Scripts / Beats Tags

Your producer or cd/ beat tag should include the name of the person who should be getting credit . The Tag should also include the name of the project and your contact info.

Your Tags should include an intro & Outro and a promo tag in the middle and end to let the listener know how to find more of your projects.

Remember to promote your personal website and Social channels so your fans can follow you! 

Social Channel & Website Promo Example

Follow  [Your Name Here ] on all social media at [Your social medial address here]

Follow  [Your Name Here ] on Instagram, Facebook ,Snapchat & Twitter

To listen to more of [Your Name here] go to [Website Address

A Note on Social media channels

Keep your social media channels the same . 

What not to do

Follow [Your Name Here ] on instagram @123djname on twitter @123_djname and snapchat @djname

What to do
Keep it short and simple

Follow [Your Name Here ] on all social media @djname

Also, using social media tags live in the mix simply does not work. Best used in recorded projects that can be played back if you miss the tag. in a live event the listener is simply not going to remember your info. 


Intro example

This is [ Name of the project /Cd} mixed exclusively by [Your Name Here ]

Promo example 
in the middle of the project. Your Could Also Use These At The End

Your listening to [ Name of the project /Cd}mixed exclusively by [Your Name Here ] To hear more go to [ soundcloud or web address here]

Your listening To another  [Your Name Here ] exclusive mix

Exclusive Beats By  [Your Name Here ]

For More Beats  Go To [Your WebAddress Here ]


Internet DJ Show Scripting 

You should include an intro, promo & ending.

Intro Example 
This is [Show Name Here ] with your host[Your Name Here]

Promo Example

Drop In The middle of project. You could also use at the end

You have been listening [Show Name Here ]with your host [Your Name Here] Join us each week [Brief description or recap of the show here ]

To Hear More Of Our Show Go To [ Address of more shows Soundcloud or Podcast Address}