What is a DJ Drop ?

A DJ Drop is an audio bit, Random sound or a Custom Dj Drop that you "Drop" during any live performance or musical composition like a MixCd or Beat Sample CD. The Dj drop is your sonic signature, recognized by your audience, it helps build your brand. 

The DJ Name Drop

The best example of a DJ Drop would be the DJ Name Drop , yes simply the name, that can be used to Promote who you are in a Live Mix or "dropped" on top of your Beats to protect from piracy.


A  DJ Drop is your audio business card, your distinct sonic signature, when you drop it they will know who you are.  


A DJ drop is simply vocal graffiti, no rules, use your imagination. Try to keep your DJ Drop short and sweet.


The Dj Name Drop again is your go to drop, get 3-6 DJ name drops and have what you need to start promoting and building your Dj brand in the mix.


Add a catchy phrase or word to your name, for example "Original DJ Big Head " or "Hyped  Spider Beats" "Mastered Mixes".  Again there are No Rules. 


You do not need to include "DJ"  in your name . 40% of the DJ's we work with do not use DJ in their name,  names like "Fuze" "FastFingerz"or "BassBeats"are just some of the names that come to mind. 


You can even create your own Dj drops for free using a popular  multi- track audio editor like Audacity.  


Now most DJ drop services or voice artist can voice your scripts Dry, voice only no sound or vocal fx, you add these audio files to your editor and start crafting away or the easiest thing to do just use the dry voice in your mix. Most DJ services or voice overs will deliver your drops as an individual file that you can simply load into your sampler. Bam! Punch your sampler controler and fire your DJ Drop over the mix


The Sonic Signature

DJ drops are a great way of providing a  burst of energy, a little zap and fun in a Live performance or musical composition . When DJ drops are added, it lets everyone know your a Professional . 


Use The Same Voice Or Sound

It is important to make sure they use the same voice or sound or combination of, this is called the sonic signature . As soon as the audience hears that voice or sound they know who you are , and helps build your brand. 


Stand Out In The Crowd


There are plenty of ways that DJ drops can help you stand out in the crowd  and help bring your beats & mixes to a new level. Here are some of the reasons why DJ drops are a must for any DJ , Producer or Beat artist. 



Not Sure  What To Say In Your DJ Drops 
Get ideas What To Say In Your Dj Drops Here


Dj Drops Promote Who You Are

Are you a beginning DJ or a 10 year Pro who really wants to make it big in the world of beats & Mixing ?  


You need to make sure that people know your name. It won’t matter how sick your sets sound if no one knows who you are, at the end of the night do you want them to refer to you as that " On Fire DJ " ? or do you want to let'em know who you are ? 


A custom DJ drop that features your name will take care of the issue of being an unknown. The DJ Name Drop is DJ Marketing 101, an essential tool in your Dj arsenal that sounds great, and can be blended seamlessly into your mixes.


Custom Order your DJ Names drops and have a unique , distinct sound  that your audience will recognize. 



DJ Drops Protect Your Beats from Piracy 


Beat Piracy is the biggest headache any Beat maker can face. By Voice Tagging  your mixes & beats, also called Producer tags or beat tags,  DJ Drops, or simply tagging your promoting who you are and are able to let the listener or potential customer know how to find more of your mixes and purchase your beats.


Remember Metro Boomin's "If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you" tag  or "Young chop on the beat " Learn How To Protect Your Beats Here.  



DJ Drops Help Self Promote At The Club

Awkward is the best way to describe self promotion in the mix. Are you afraid of the Mic ? For most Dj's it's tough trying to promote who you are over a live mic.


Dj drops are your secret messaging weapon, giving you the power to deliver your message and show the audience your a professional and in control . You can get Custom Dj drops to promote an upcoming event, announce drink specials, Promote who you are and that your available for private parties, remind customers to tip thier bartenders all in a professional manner. 


DJ Drops Allow You To Relax  & Can Hide Your Mistakes In The Mix

DJ Drops  can actually allow you to relax while in the live mix, and hide your mistake and help you transition into different tempos.  This can be accomplished by the use of a drop.


It's important that you have your Dj drops loaded into your sampler , learn how to add Dj drops to Serato Pro Dj here in 5 easy steps .


A DJ drop can cover up most mistakes by adding a unexpected distraction from the mistake of the DJ. The Dj drop can also help  to make a transition or segue from one tempo to another smoothly and without interruption, covering up the mix mistake. Dj drops are just another tool to use while in the mix,  and to help make your life less stressful in the mix . 


Dj Drops Help Build Your Brand

Using a DJ drop is a great way to help make  your DJ mixes, podcasts, or live streams stand out in the crowd, adding a professional polish to any mix that is sure to get you noticed.