How To Protect Your Beats With Dj Drops


Tag Your Beats

In todays crowded  music space its hard for your brand to stand out in the crowd & get the credit you deserve.  It is now more critical than ever for your brand that you  tag your mixes , beats & musical composition with DJ Drops . Also know as  Producer tags or Beat tags

Beat Piracy is the biggest headache any Beat maker can face .By Voice Tagging  your mixes & beats, also called audio marking, DJ Drops, your promoting who you are and are able to let the listener or potential customer know how to find more of your mixes and purchase your beats.  



Beat Tags Vs Producer Tags ?

The biggest difference between a Beat Maker Tag &  A Producer Tag  is how the Dj Drop is used and the goal of the tag. The Beat Makers  goal is to sell the beats  and protect those beats from piracy. 

The music producers objective is to build the brand , The Beat Maker spends a lot of time creating, promoting and selling there beats & is just one layer of the music project. The music producer has the job of putting those layers together. Yes you can be a Beat Maker & also a Producer if you put the finale product together. 


How to Protect Your Beats From Piracy With DJ Drops & Producer Tags

It is very important to protect your beats . Simply take your beat sample demo and add your Dj Drop at low volume every 30 seconds or so , you want your potential customer to hear your beats but not rip you off.  
All  Beat  & Mix Tags By The Wigman are produced to glide right over the beats, no messing with the flow. You have a choice to have your Voice Tags Voiced Dry, Dry DJ Drops or Produced  Dj Drops With Vocal FX & Fully Produced with both sound & vocal fx. 
Many Beat artist today only voice tag there projects at the beginning and end. Now this is fine if your a music  producer  simply building your brand but if your selling your beats to producers, this is a big mistake and really depends on your relationship with that Producer. What about all the beats in between the voice tags ?
Not only should you include your brand tag you should also include your social tags info such as your website address &  social media contacts, so no matter where your beats get uploaded to , you get the credit, you make money,  and prevent piracy of your hard creative work. 


What You Need To Promote & Protect Your Beats



Your Dj Drop Brand Tag

A DJ Drop Brand Tag or label is important to Beat Makers, Mix/CD Artist & Producers .


A Simple Brand tag would be  " Bass Pounding Beats By Rusticals "or " Trap Tested Beats By Money Soul"the shorter the better.  


Remember Metro Boomin's "If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you" tag  or "Young chop on the beat " 



You use The DJ Drop Brand Tag through out your beat sample demo. Your Dj Drop Brand Tag is your audio business card. You can keep it simple and clean or as complicated  and nasty as you want.  



We know the more choices you have the harder it is to decide. All our Tags are voiced by The Wigman so you do not have to decide what voice to use.


Is The Wigman Voice right for your Brand ?  We do not offer voice choices. We do not offer female voices. If you like what you hear in our demos you will love what you get . Your getting your tags straight from our studio, we are not voice brokers .


This also means faster turnaround and corrections . We are confident in our skills and back All our workmanship with a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Learn More


Your Social Tag

As Beat Maker Your sample demos should also include all your social media contacts & your website address.



It is very Important  to have all your social media contacts the same.  A good example would be " Follow on all social media @djwigman " instead of " Follow on FaceBook @djwigman on Twitter @dj_wigman254 & on IG @TheWigman very confusing. Keep it simple. 


DJ Drops by Wigman has been creating custom imaging for DJ's, Producers & Beat Makers Since 2009. Get started Promoting who you are . Protects your Beats. Build your Brand with Custom DJ Drops By Wigman