Customer Support
Monday - Friday
12 PM to 8 PM EST
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How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order ?


3 Business Days Guaranteed Or It Is FREE

All Orders Are Sent To The email of The person who paid. 

Same Day Service Can Be added
to all orders received before 3 PM EST.
M-F Only /Additional charge will apply


When Will I Get My Order ?


Day Order Is Placed Day Order Is Due at 8 PM EDT
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday



How Do You Deliver My Order ?

All orders are delivered to the email of the person who paid. as a digital download link
All MP3 files are ready to use. When inquiring about your order we will need the email and the name of the person who paid for the order.

What if I need corrections ?

All corrections are made next business day. 
Your Not Happy We're Not Happy. 


What If you pronounce my name  wrong ?

No Problem! No Extra Charge. Correction will be made by next business day


What If I am just Not Happy With My Order ?

Give us a chance to get it right. If you still not happy let us know and we will will give you a full refund